KloHäuschen in the plane to the 12th Istanbul Biennial, 2011:

“In recent years we have seen a lot of biennials. They look like and want to look like everything but an
exhibition. We have decided to make a real exhibition.”

And KloHäuschen immediately fell in love with the curators of the 12th Istanbul Biennial. Because the exhibition was allowed to exist for itself, just like KloHäuschen exists for the purpose of being itself.

Not serving anyone or having to be useful for anything. And in that moment KloHäuschen also wants to host an “art exhibition”. Yes, every 2 years! The best available out there.

The KloHäuschen Biennial

Since 2012, the KloHäuschen organizes its own Biennale. It was inspired when it read an interview with their two curators on a flight to Istanbul Biennale 2011 in Skyline magazine. The point of the interview is that a biennial is neither a tool for city marketing nor has any other political purpose to serve. But that it is an art exhibition, which is usually international and takes place every two years.

These curators are concerned with the „purpose“, or its absence. For the KloHäuschen this is a valuable statement in its clarity – After all, it must be up to today again and again its guests and visitors, explain to the press and others that it is not a „exhibition room“ ist (nor „Gallery“, „Museum“, „Offspace“, … so all rooms that serve a declared „purpose“). Because of just about every „purpose“ absolve the KloHäuschen the „Measures for the inspiration of the Klohäuschens at the wholesale market hall“. Thus, it is none of the above-mentioned „purpose rooms“, but just an old men’s urinal, which invites his guests to play with him and to develop something new together.

With its own Biennale, the KloHäuschen itself, just once every two years, really turns into an „exhibition space“. Completely self-aware and public. And by the way, it also confirms its status as a sovereign space again and again, because:

„If you have your own biennale, then you are someone like Venice or Istanbul“.
Everyone knows that.

Previous editions of KloHäuschen Biennial

KHBi5 – 5th KloHäuschen Biennial

The KloHäuschen Art Hall

10th July – 14th August 2020 

Curator Das KloHäuschen
Architecture KloHäuschen’s Art Hall rasso rottenfusser
Art Education alias Pasearse Claudia Pescatore
General Biennial Concept Anja Uhlig + Das KloHäuschen

Website: KHBi5.KH-Biennale.world

KHBi4 – Learning from Athens Ottobrunn

30th June – 22nd July 2018  – Bower of Art, Ottobrunn
9th – 29th July 2018  – Das KloHäuschen

Curator Exhibition Pietro Tondello
Exhibition Architecture Matthias Castorph / Architekturbüro Götz Castorph
General Biennial Concept Anja Uhlig + Das KloHäuschen

Website: KHBi4.KH-Biennale.world

KHBi3 – The Biennial of neglected Forms of Life

02nd – 09th July 2016

Curator Dr. Susanne Schmitt
Exhibition Space 
basic concept: Das KloHäuschen (according to a field research at Venice Biennial 2015)
detailed conzept + realization: rasso rottenfusser

KHBi3 on www.das-klohaeuschen.de


Neugier und Überwachung und künstlerische Praxis

25th October – 1st November 2014

Curator Matthias von Tesmar

KHBi2 on www.das-klohaeuschen.de

1st KloHäuschen Biennale – Biennale for One

„repository of knowledge and art“ – unrealized projects

12th May – 10th June 2012

Curator Dr. Cornelia Oßwald-Hofmann

1st KloHäuschen Biennial on www.das-klohaeuschen.de

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