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6th KloHäuschen Biennial

2022. Big Biennails have changed their rhythm. The KloHäuschen is convinced: the reason can only be that they finally want to take place in the same year together with the KloHäuschen Biennial!

Venezia Das KloHäuschen Kassel Basel Prishtina Istanbul Lyon ….

Agenda & Venues

Fr.  10 June . 7 pm
Preview-Party at Das KloHäuschen

So. 12 June . at noon
Opening event at Das KloHäuschen

Fr. 24 June . 7 pm

Presentation of the Catalogue Vol 2 + Get Together

Art Education KH-Special

coming soon

The KH-Biennale Info Point

Das KloHäuschen
At the central Market – west entrance
Thalkirchner Straße / Ecke Oberländerstraße
81371 Munich


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